NY United
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from an experienced coach and build greater discipline in your life.


Develop your skills with an experienced professor in a competitive, but safe learning environment. Grow your confidence by learning the fundamental skills needed for self-defense. 

Learn alongside others that are committed to growing their skills and strength.

Our Facility

Our brand new, immaculate 3000 square foot facility, located at 9 North Airmont Road (behind bagel boys), offers 2000 square feet of mat space, climbing ropes for superior upper body and grip training, rubber flooring affording our students and athletes the ability to train sport-specific movements, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. Our facility was designed by professor Farrison, ensuring any customer walking through the doors can surely adapt his/her goals to our training facility. Take advantage of our 1-week free offer, come down and train either Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, or Strength Training and Conditioning.



Great school to learn BJJ! Professor Farrison’s level of training is second to none. With his background in law enforcerent as well as high-level wrestling and world-class jiu-jitsu, he’s able to connect with his students whose goals are self-defense, competition, or simply physical fitness while creating an environment that pushes you to your limits with real-life applications. Highly recommend!!


I have been training MMA for over 20 years and I’ve been in a lot of gyms, there is no better place to train. Khyl is a phenomenal BJJ instructor, who was a competitive grappler at a very high level. Khyl has the ability to make everyone who walks through his door better. His knowledge and patients are second to none! Don’t waste your time going to other gyms. Get the best wrestling/BJJ training all under one roof.


“A home away from home.” At NY UNITED BJJ you can find communication, competition, and a safe environment led by a great instructor. As a female finding a safe environment to train and be pushed can be difficult. There aren’t many schools that take you out of your comfort zone. Some schools build false confidence and focus on selling a product that isn’t real. If you’re looking to start training, NYUBJJ can challenge you physically and mentally. You leave the school wanted to be better in other areas in your life. Not only does the instructor push you, but the students are also just as motivated and supportive. (If you are just looking to get in shape this is the place you wanna be.)

Great Instruction, Great Team (family), Great Energy!