Adult Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Adult BJJ in Suffern, NY

Adult Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

NY United BJJ offers adult Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at a competitive level. Our school focuses on building community among our students as well as confidence in each individual. Professor Farrison will teach you the fundamental skills needed to defend yourself and handle confrontational situations. He’ll give you the ability to practice those skills so you are ready for real-life situations. 

Our adult martial arts training classes are designed to help you engage in the combat art that is used around the world. With our tailored program and support, you will be able to push yourself physically as well as master this martial art.

Contact Professor Farrison today to learn more about our classes and schedule. You will learn self-defense skills, and you can even obtain a free training trial.  We are located in Suffern, NY, and have students who drive to our location from cities all over Rockland County. If you are looking for a gym near you to take adult Jiu-Jitsu classes, we can help.

Adult Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu Classes

We work with men and women of all ages, and help them feel comfortable in our environment. With our tailored approach to class, you will have the ability to increase your skill level at a pace that works best for you. Get in touch with Professor Farrison today to learn more about our class schedule, and sign up for your free trial to train with us.

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