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Kids Wrestling

Wrestling is a great skill for children to learn and help build their endurance. If we are near you, here at NY United, Coach Khyl Farrison can teach kid wrestling. Wrestling offers self-defense skill building as well as increases kids self-esteem, self-confidence, and physical and mental health. The vast benefits of this type of training helps promote healthy development in children.  NY United provides youth sports classes for children in wrestling, advanced training, and traveling competition. Our wrestling coach Khyl Farrison provides a nurturing environment where students can learn the fundamentals of wrestling alongside their peers in a team environment while also having fun. 

NY United is located in Suffern, NY. Please contact us today for more information! Professor Farrison is excited to help encourage your child and help them build confidence in the discipline of wrestling.  

We serve all of the Spring Valley, Airmont, Suffern, and the surrounding areas. We offer classes at our conveniently located school in Suffern, NY, just off of Airmont Road.

Kid's Class Details

We offer exciting kid’s wrestling classes for ages 5 -13 years old. We understand how busy your schedule is and offer three different classes to choose from for your kids to train per week. 

Travel Teams

We offer specialized training for our travel teams that compete throughout the state of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

Through our advanced training, we prepare kids for competitions and help develop their skills and strength training. 

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning are also available for other sports (call us to inquire).

Strength and conditioning is the equalizer for taking your skill set from average to great. Developing physical abilities on a year-round basis specific to wrestling greatly enhances your child’s ability to succeed in matches and other youth sports. Enroll in our year-round wrestling strength and conditioning program. Here are the benefits of working with wrestling Coach Farrison:

  • Learn the specific lifts needed for success under a former D1 strength coach.
  • Increase your athlete’s wrestling-specific strength level.
  • Decrease your wrestler’s risk of injury.
  • Increase your athlete’s cardiovascular fitness to optimize wrestling performance.
  • Develop your wrestler’s footwork, linear, and lateral speed.

Kid's Wrestling

Tuesday and Thursdays 5:15 pm – 6:30 pm

Saturday 11:30 am – 12:45 pm 

Through our wrestling classes, we hope our wrestlers gain:

  • Understand basic to advanced wrestling techniques.
  • Classes for all levels of experience.
  • Learn proven pinning combinations.
  • Become proficient in chain wrestling.
  • Develop the mindset of a champion.
  • Master a winning strategy.

Advanced Wrestlers

Tuesday 7:15 pm

Thursday 7:15 pm

Sunday 12:30 pm 

Our advanced wrestling classes are designed for more experienced jiu-jitsu athletes or those who have exceeded the foundational levels of skill. During these classes, we hone in on specialized maneuvers and help take students’ skills to the next level. 

In our children’s classes, they will learn the basics of wrestling. With every effort, we help to increase our student’s confidence and help them develop strong mindsets. If we are near you, allow us to train your kid in wrestling. Contact us today!

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