Kids BJJ Class Near Nanuet, NY

If you’re considering a kid’s BJJ class near Nanuet, New York, or the nearby areas, NY United BJJ offers classes in a fun and exciting atmosphere. We teach students of various ages and help them excel in the knowledge and skills of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We invite you to come and see the benefits of joining our community.

We Offer Kids BJJ Class

NY United proudly offers BJJ classes for kids and teens in an engaging and encouraging atmosphere where they can learn and grow. Our coaches teach several ages and skill levels that increase their knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu history, self-defense, and competitive training. Students will reap benefits such as:

  • Self-confidence 
  • Strong mindset
  • Anti-bullying strategies
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental awareness
  • Social skills
  • Healthy competition

We make our kids’ BJJ classes available for students ages 5 to 13 three times a week. Students can choose which days they want to attend. They will learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu basics and self-defense and anti-bullying measures. We aim to help students build a strong mindset and grow the self-confidence they need in all areas of life.

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We Serve Students Near Nanuet, NY

We are thrilled to teach classes near Nanuet, New York, and the nearby areas. Nanuet is a small area in Rockland County and has about 17,000 residents. You will find restaurants, bakeries, and beautiful recreational spots in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids BJJ Class

If you have questions about our kid’s BJJ class, we are happy to answer them. Here are a few frequent questions we receive from our parents.

How Old Does My Child Need To Be To Attend Classes?

We teach kids BJJ classes for students ages 5 to 13. Although you can register your child at any age, you recommend placing them in class as soon as you think they are ready. Our instructors do an excellent job of meeting the needs of age and skill level.  

What Will My Child Learn In A Kids BJJ Class?

Joining our kids BJJ class will help students grow in confidence and self-esteem, especially those who struggle with social skills. As students work together, they will increase in team building skills, which can also boost their confidence. These skills can help them defend themselves in dangerous situations or against bullying.

Will My Child Still Enjoy Kids’ BJJ Class If They Don’t Enjoy Other Sports?

We receive students that aren’t athletic or don’t enjoy other sports. These students still enjoy participating in BJJ exercises and skills. Many parents discover their non-athletic children learn flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and increased physical fitness in our classes. The more students practice and train with us, the more they will develop athletic abilities.

Contact Us For Kids BJJ Classes

If you are ready to learn more about our community and register your child for a kids’ BJJ class, contact NY United BJJ near Nanuet, NY, today. Please ask how to schedule a free trial class to experience the benefits of training with us. We look forward to meeting you.