Here at NY United BJJ, we work to have a unifying environment where all of our students can train and learn while also growing together. Below you will find reviews and testimonials from a handful of the satisfied students of Khyl Farrison, our Coach/Professor.


“A home away from home.” At NY UNITED BJJ you can find communication, competition, and a safe environment led by a great instructor. As a female finding a safe environment to train and be pushed can be difficult. There aren’t many schools that take you out of your comfort zone. Some schools build false confidence and focus on selling a product that isn’t real. If you’re looking to start training, NYUBJJ can challenge you physically and mentally. You leave the school wanting to be better in other areas in your life. Not only does the instructor push you, but the students are also just as motivated and supportive. (If you are just looking to get in shape this is the place you wanna be.)

Great Instruction
Great Team (family)
Great Energy!


I have been training MMA for over 20 years and I’ve been in a lot of gyms, there is no better place to train. Khyl is a phenomenal BJJ instructor, who was a competitive grappler at a very high level. Khyl has the ability to make everyone who walks through his door better. His knowledge and patients are second to none! Don’t waste your time going to other gyms. Get the best wrestling/BJJ training all under one roof.


Great school to learn BJJ! Professor Farrison’s level of training is second to none. With his background in law enforcement as well as high-level wrestling and world-class jiu-jitsu, he’s able to connect with his students whose goals are self-defense, competition, or simply physical fitness while creating an environment that pushes you to your limits with real-life applications. Highly recommend!!


Top Quality BJJ instruction, family atmosphere, great friends, great people. Coach Khyl is very technical, passionate, tough, and really cares about his students. I have been learning very quickly and have gotten so much better, thanks to Coach Khyl’s teaching and my fellow students, that push me to be the best I can be. OSSS!!!


This school is a great place for people looking to get more out of BJJ than just getting in shape. Kyhl is a very knowledgeable instructor who wants the best for his students and it shows in his teaching. Kyhl is also the only competitive black belt in the area. For LEO this school is a highly recommended place to learn and hone your skills.


Having come from a lifelong martial artist background, I can attest that coach Khyl is truly one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of training with! Everyone in the school is willing to help and make you feel comfortable. It’s a great place to train.


A great environment to learn and challenge yourself. Khyl is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge in many fields leading to a unique take on Jiu-Jitsu, health, and life. He instills a competitive mentality in his students, which is a lost thing in today’s world, while still being family-oriented. Everyone who comes in is welcomed with open arms and treated like family. Khyl, along with his upper belts, challenge everyone to be the best they can be in all facets of life.


A school is only as good as its instructor and Professor Farrison is as good as they come. The only active and accomplished black belt competitor in the Rockland County area, who keeps pushing himself and has proven his BJJ in wins over world class competitors. That being said, Professor Farrison is also a law enforcement officer who understands the importance of being able to apply BJJ techniques in a self-defense situation. So if you are looking for self-defense, competition or just trying to get in shape, NY United BJJ is the place for it all.


Professor Khyl Farrison is an old-school instructor in modern times. He is a world-class grappler and has an incredible, high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. His mat knowledge in both wrestling and BJJ shines through his students as they learn and grow under his tutelage. If you live in Rockland County and want to learn how to wrestle or BJJ, NY United is the place to go.

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